I am a Director of Photography (who moonlights as a Director) based in Los Angeles.

I’ve had my hand in all aspects of production at one point, beginning in graphics & broadcast design. I grew up in San Clemente, CA as a bit of a beach bum which actually helped me get my first job in television. It was at an independent production company which created shows exclusively for FuelTV. I worked on over 250 episodes of television while I was there. When that had run it’s course, I took a job at DC Shoes as the Creative Producer. At DC I helped to build out a film production unit that created, curated and handled all of the companies media needs. After I left DC Shoes I began freelancing in Los Angeles working in music video, commercial, and film production.

Being a bit of a technology geek, I found the camera to be my favorite tool to create with. The camera technology changes so fast these days that it has always fascinated me how much better and more accessible the next camera on the market is. I also discovered that collaborating with other artists and the camaraderie you find being on sets, both big and small, brings out an enthusiasm in me for creating that makes working in this field a pure joy.

I put my whole self into everything I create and always start with the idea of “what is best for the story?” In this way I try and stay stylistically versatile. Sometimes I feel like more of a designer on set rather than a “director” or “DoP” and I like to let the project itself help determine the style, the same way I think a graphic designer would. Design is, after all, creative problem solving and story telling.

Oh and I really don’t take myself this seriously. Or do I? ;)